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"Luke carried out the research that I requested

in a professional manner and delivered the 

results on time."

Ian Hilder, East Sussex

Terms & Conditions

As part of the professional service we provide, we undertake to proceed with work under the following terms.
Terms of Service

1. At the outset I will confirm in writing the scope of the project to be undertaken and ensure the client is in agreement with this prior to commencing the research.


2. I will not exceed the time commissioned by the client without prior agreement.

3. I will attempt to give a best evaluation of the likelihood of success in advance but am unable to guarantee positive results. I reserve the right to refuse cases where I deem it likely that any research will be unsuccessful.

4. Whilst I will always attempt to exhaust all possible research avenues, prospective clients must remember that in some cases it is not possible to progress research for a number of reasons, such as lost, damaged, destroyed or inadequate historical sources.

5. Paid time includes research, analysis and reporting, as well as time spent communicating with the client by telephone and/or email.

6. I provide copies of documents at cost (unless included as part of a fixed price package).

7. Sometimes we may need to refer your research to a third party (such as a research specialist) in order to make further progress. If this is required your agreement will be sought prior to continuing and you will be informed of any additional costs involved.

8. The client is responsible for ensuring that the information they provide is as detailed and accurate as possible. If incorrect information is supplied, I cannot be held liable for any failure that may arise in consequence and I will still need to charge for time and costs.

9. The client is responsible for ensuring that the results of any previous research have been shared with Kith & Kin Research to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Terms of Payment

For commissions of £100 or lower full payment is required in advance of any research.

For commissions over £100, a 50% deposit is required when the order is made. Once research has been completed, we will invoice you for the final balance. On receipt of payment we will either email or post the research results to you. 

I accept payments by cheque (UK clients only), bank transfer and credit card. Please make all cheques payable to “Luke Mouland.” Payments made by credit card via PayPal will incur a 5% surcharge to cover fees (a PayPal account is not required).


Kith & Kin Research retains the right to withhold all documents until full payment is received.

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